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December 04, 2005


Molly Brindle

Dear "Blogmaster" Angeletti,
Don't give up hope, blogs are a great idea for PCMA, and as a new member attending the 50th meeting (and personally turning 50 not long afterwards, alongside our awesome Convention Services Manager Kathy Denkenberger, a longtime PCMA member!), I appreciate your efforts to make my stay in Ben Franklin's fair city more pleasant. I will certainly check out the exhibit marking Ben Franklin's birthday, and the city's 300th anniversary. As for the Eagles game, (yawn) oh well, I'll find something to do Sunday night, thanks for the tips on the "afterglow" hangouts! And as for future content, wouldn't mind knowing more about some of the speakers and sessions, or whether it's too late to sign up to participate in Helping Hands. PCMA's pre-con e-mails are colorful, informative, and I do read them (I don't always ACT on them!).
Thanks! Molly Brindle, Saratoga Springs Convention & Tourism Bureau, Saratoga Springs, NY

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